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Pós-graduação | Islamic Art in Portuguese Gardens

Agosto 10, 2023 - Setembro 29, 2023

pós-graduação no ISA

Recognizing the importance of Islamic culture in the body of knowledge of Garden Art in Portugal, transmit technical knowledge in the areas of landscape interpretation, conservation, restoration, history, hydraulics, garden archaeology, and botany related to Islamic culture.

Students will acquire an awareness of the evidence of Islamic culture in Portuguese gardens, cities, and landscapes, as well as an interest in garden design and interpretation. Restoration issues will be developed within the scope of the 2nd-semester project.

It is expected that the outcomes of the Aga Khan Historic Cities Programme (AKHCP) and the resulting effects on the neighborhoods where it is implemented will bring innovative case studies for students to acquire knowledge of these new forms of urban planning for architects, landscape architects, sociologists, and urban historians.


Abertura – 01 de junho de 2023

Fecho – 29 de setembro de 2023

Local: Instituto Superior de Agronomia, Lisboa

Introduction to Islamic Art in Portuguese Gardens – VIDEO