“We need trees” – Colaboradora da Jardins citada no The Guardian

A colaboradora da Revista Jardins, Ana Luísa Soares, foi citada no artigo We need trees do jornal britânico The Guardian.

jardim de Lisboa

Num artigo que discute a dificuldade em tornar as cidades europeias mais verdes, apesar das inúmeras vantagens já provadas cientificamente e dos esforços dos técnicos de planeamento, o jornal The Guardian cita Ana Luísa Soares na sua tese de doutoramento sobre o valor das árvores. Podemos ler:

According to Ana Luisa Soares, a landscape architect at the University of Lisbon, a new tree can cost a city administration as much as €2,000 (£1,740) over five years.

E ainda.

“You need to buy the tree,” Soares said. “You have to plant it, water it – especially in the first five years, when it is most vulnerable. Life is hard for a tree in a city: compacted soil, polluted air … You have to maintain it, prune it, treat it for disease. When you’re talking tens of thousands of trees, it’s a huge investment.”

The advantages, for city dwellers, seem clear. “We need trees,” she said. “They are important for all of us, residents and visitors. They give us more shade, better air quality, lower temperatures, natural beauty – basically, more trees mean happier people. We know this. And they will be even more vital in the future.”

But while the costs are easily quantifiable, the benefits are less so. Worse, said Soares, the environmental, social, economic, aesthetic, and health benefits trees provide “are often simply ignored, because cities are looking simply at managing costs”.


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